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The garden design team made a dramatic difference to our garden. I was tempted to do it myself to save money but you can't argue with the low prices offered by Gardening Uxbridge.

  • Sebastian Green

If you need a reliable and efficient lawn care service, you should give this company a chance. They are quite good with gardening services and have the lowest prices.

  • Yardley Anton

Their gardeners are simply amazing. They're a credit to Gardening Companies Uxbridge and to the gardening industry as a whole.

  • Ralph K.

Hedge trimming is something that I just can't do - not in my condition - so luckily Gardening Uxbridge were on hand to help me out. With their prices, I didn't feel guilty about getting in some extra help - the service was terrific and didn't put a dent in my wallet, and for that I was incredibly thankful.

  • Carrie K.

My garden's always been a bit of a mess. I'd been planning to sort through the rubbish myself, but kept putting it off due to time constraints. This summer I wanted to make the most of my outdoor space, so I looked online to find a garden clearance service with good reviews. Gardening Uxbridge had excellent recommendations and when I spoke to them they were professional and very caring about my needs. On the day the staff arrived right away and were polite and friendly. They collected every scrap of rubbish and disposed of it too! 10/10 service!

  • Matthew

After returning home from a long trip abroad, my garden resembled something of a bombsite. There was mess everywhere, far too much for me to sort out myself. So I called in Lawn Maintenance Uxbridge and decided to leave the task with their experts. They took care of all the maintenance work, which included leaf clearance, with utter ease and efficiency, and their one-time quick and easy service definitely took a load off my mind. Thank you for the great experience!

  • Chris Broad

Gardening Services Uxbridge have done great work for me recently. I hired them to provide me with garden design services and they did it perfectly. They transformed my garden in no time and made it look better than ever.

  • Norman

Lawn Maintenance Uxbridge is an excellent gardening company! I love the fact that they are friendly, honest, and reliable and offer high quality services at affordable prices. Most of us do not want to have to spend a fortune on our gardens because we cannot spend all year sitting out in them. So many companies charge over the odds for professional gardening services which is ridiculous seeing as most of us only use our gardens in the summer months. This is why I chose this company and would only use this company again!

  • Jimmie R.

I am over the moon with the general garden care service I receive from GardenersUxbridge. I had to spend time overseas and on my return the garden was overgrown and neglected. When I got home I decided to get it sorted and made sure I hired help to ensure it didn't happen again. Using this company has kept the outside of my home in good shape, with the borders weeded frequently and the lawn mowed and kept healthy. When I am away the gardeners still call and do a service to make sure it is kept tidy.

  • Rod Albert

GardenersUxbridge definitely lived up to their reputation as being a top class gardening company. They went through the mess in my back garden without any problems and they completed all the work with a smile, something that in turn managed to put a smile on my face. My smile got wider when I saw what the team had managed to achieve and I'll definitely be using them again and will be looking forward to receiving the same first class service again in the future.

  • Gino B.

I always loved my childhood's garden. I'd spend hours just sitting there and enjoying my surroundings. Wanting to recapture that feeling, I called up Gardening Services Uxbridge. I had heard good things about their landscaping services and hoped they could help me. They worked hard and once the job was done, my garden was transformed. It went from a place with grass and some bushes to a lovely spot full of flowers and features. I'm over the moon, as they didn't just improve my garden but brought out my inner child too.

  • Kristy Mann

The landscaping looks awesome; your team has transformed my garden into a beauty. I would have never thought that my garden had such potential. The gardeners not only gave me many design options but also indicated the pros and cons. The landscaping work was done so meticulously. The final results are simply beautiful. I would highly recommend Gardening Services Uxbridge's gardening services. Hats off to your team! Incredible energy and enthusiasm towards gardening!

  • Kelly J.

When I called Gardening Uxbridge, my garden really was an overgrown mess. There were holes in the lawn, weeds growing in every available space and my hedges and vines had grown out of control. But within a couple of visits everything had been rectified and my garden is now under control and easy to maintain. Many thanks for the brilliant work!

  • Audrey

After returning home from a recent holiday, I arrived to find my garden in a real mess. The lawn was overgrown, hedges were out of control and my patio was dirty and had become moss green. I didn't know how to rectify the situation so I called Lawn Maintenance Uxbridge. Their services were highly affordable, their gardeners were polite and courteous and extremely hard working as they went about restoring my garden to its clean and clear state. I have no problem recommending their company.

  • Gary K.

I needed a reliable gardening service for my mother who is disabled and lives alone. I know she enjoys her garden but just isn't able to potter around it like she used to. Now Gardening Uxbridge take care of all her garden maintenance and when they come round, she talks with them about everything to do with garden. I know she really loves their visits and always praises their amazing gardening services.

  • Steven Q.

I am pleased that the reliable gardeners from Lawn Maintenance Uxbridge did all they promised and more. The gardening professionals were easy to get along with and took into consideration the suggestions I made. They got the work done quickly and did not drag for ages like some others do. I have hired many gardeners over the past 20 years and I must say that the team did a fabulous job in pruning, leaf clearance, hedge trimming and lawn maintenance. I will surely be using their services again.

  • Julie Jackson

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